The following represent the expectations of Local 126 and its referral of technicians to signatory employers.

EXPECTATIONS OF FORT WORTH STAGE EMPLOYEES: **You are expected to be at the work site at least ten minutes before the actual call time. Call time is when you should be ready to start work. **Check in with the job steward as soon as you arrive. Also, be sure to check or Sign OUT with the steward at the end of the work day. **You will be fined if you are late for a job. **TURN YOUR CELL PHONES OFF...Phone conversations are for breaktime. YOU ARE THERE TO WORK.

IN CASE OF EMERGANCY:If you are late or there is an emergancy that will prevent you from work: 1) Call the job steward. (if you know ahead of time who it is) 2) Next, call the business agent if you are unable to contact the steward. 3) if all else fails, contact the venue office and ask them to deliver a message to your job steward.

Following infractions will mean IMMEDIATE DISSMISSAL from a job: 1) Coming to work intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. 2) Drinking alchohol or taking drug on the job. 3) unsafe work practices. 4) Stealing 5) Insubordination

**The job steward will assign you to a department in which you are best skilled and quailified. Sometimes this is not always possible and you will be assigned to another department. Do the best you can in whatever department you are assigned.

ASK QUESTIONS: The more questions you ask the more experience you can learn. Experienced workers may give you instruction if it is necessary. Take advice in the spirit in which it was offered. FORT WORTH STAGE EMPLOYEES are simply trying to be safe and help you learn.

**If a problem arises, locate your steward and allow them to resolve the situation.

**Maintain a professional demeanor at ALL times. Do NOT air complaints or gossip in public. It leaves a bad impression.

**DO NOT assume that breakfast, lunch, dinner or any breakfood is provided unless notified by steward.

JOB DESCRIPTION: FORT WORTH STAGE EMPLOYEES provide manual labor for the set-up and tear down of shows. If you have been assigned to a department you must stay there until the job is complete or you are re-assigned to another department by the steward. ****When a task is completed, return to your department head for another task **** If you do not understand the task at hand ask for help or clarification. This will help you do thing right the first time. ****Do not stand around. There is job to be done and we need everyone to help. Standing around does not leave a good impression on our clients. ****Be polite, professional and helpful.

CLOTHING: FORT WORTH STAGE EMPLOYEES do heavy, dirty work. Wear something protective, yet loose enough to move freely. Do not wear any valuble clothing. Our work is dirty and you might rip your clothing. A pair of jeans, dress shorts, t-shirt, collared shirt are all appropriate. Please layer up for festivals and damp theatres. Temperature can change rapidly inside and out. Also we do NOT condone any profanity, racist, or sexest material on clothing. If you clothing is inappropriate you will be dismissed from the call or asked to change. If you are working onstage for a dress rehearsal or show call, ALL Black clothes("blacks") are required including shoes. "Blacks' are also to be worn at Churchs and hotels or anytime required by the steward or business agent.

TOOLS: The following lists have been compiled by Local 126 with the cooperation and participation of our signatory employers. The tools listed below are required to do the work at the professional level dictated by Local 126's negotiated wage scales. You should not only carry these tools, but they should be in good working order and you should know how to use them.



Small Flashlight

Flat head and phillips screw driver

needle nose pliers

regular pliers

tape measure 25'

hammer(8oz to 16oz)

pocket knife or utility knife

wire cutters (diagnal cutters)

Leatherman multitool (optional)

crescent wrench


*Rope ½” – 5/8” (Length per Venue) 50'-175'

*Full Body Harness – Rated (Ansi Z395.1)

*Shock Absorber

*Lanyard / “Y” Lanyard (Cow Palace)

*Auto Lock Steel Carabiners (minimum 2)

*Multi Loop 5ft

*Locking Sheave

Crescent Wrench 12” (wide mouth, must open to 1 1/8”)

Sidewalk chalk

Klein Tool/Haven's Grip

Self Leveling Alignment Laser Level